Posted on: October 10, 2009 1:09 pm

Too Many Sports

Being an avid sports fan, I can't get over the fact that MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL are all playing at the same time.

Every league except the NFL has put short term financial gain ahead of long term value.

Can baseball really play from April to November and have playoff games in snow? Whatever happened to the great american pasttime or the game of summer? Counting training camp, do we really have to put up with baseball for 10 months? And what significance does the month of April AND May have in the outcome of the World Series. And out of 162 regular season games you take 4 teams to the playoffs? Baseball, simply put, baseball should shorten their season by 50 games, Make 6 team playoffs with the first 2 teams getting byes. This would make the games more important instead of having to sit through ho hum meaningless games.

The NBA - playing from October through June is in the same position. 10 months of basketball counting preseason? Who cares. It is a known fact that an 82 game season physically wears these guys out so bad they regularly coast during the regular season. Fix it. Drop the number of games down to 50 so that each and every game matters. You will get more intense games and better effort each game. In contrast to baseball though, you seriously can't have half of your teams in your league making the playoffs, it is a joke.

The NHL is the NHL. It is just like soccer, they have their fan base and that is it. The NHL isn't going to magically drum up new fans (especially when they cancel a season) - so play when you want and how you want. Your fans will be your die hard hockey fans.

The NFL has it figured out. A normal season is 6 months including preseason and postseason and every game counts. With a limited number of games, it is actually possible to follow fantasy sports without dedicating your life to it and what makes that important is that will make me watch a Steelers / Chargers game that I previously had zero interest in. In addition to that, the NFL's playoffs are in the middle of the basketball season so there is no real competition. Are you going to watch an NFL game on TV or a Pistons / Magic matchup where they take the first 3 quarters off? You will watch some college basketball during this time but they only thing you will preempt the NFL playoff matchup for is your own team playing.

What does it all mean? It means that a team that was 1-15 that couldn't make the playoffs for years be sold for $1B and 3 different groups of celebrities buy into little pieces of it just to be a part of it. It means that the game of the week is most likely going to be the highest rated TV show of the week. Heck, the PREGAME show was Top 5. It means that you will set all time records for Cable TV ratings. It means you have more long term value.

My recommendation is as follows:

NFL - don't change a thing - preseason August, postseason January
MLB - preseason April, postseason September - 6 playoff teams per league
NBA - preseason November, postseason April - 6 playoff teams per league

A much better schedule that might actually generate excitement and value for MLB and NBA.
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Posted on: March 20, 2009 5:34 pm

Duke #1

So with the first entry into this blog, imagine what the basketball environment would be like if they didn't have a playoff.

Duke would play Pittsburgh for the National Title (RPI #1 and #2).

The overall #1 seed - Louisville - who won their conference regular season and tournament over Pitt and UConn wouldn't even be able to play for the National Championship. Sounds just like the BCS to me.

This blog isn't intended to hammer the BCS - it is obvious college Presidents (who almost to a person don't want a playoff) are getting their schools more money with all the ridiculous bowls and that is more important and too short sighted to see what a playoff could generate in TV revenues like CBB does.

This blog is more of a tribute to the NCAA Tournament and how fun it is to watch. I am a fan of IU, UK, and Miami, and I don't have one team in the NCAA yet I have watched portions of over 10 games (at least) in the past 2 days.

Could you imaging if CFB had a 16 team playoff and a hot team at the end of the year had a chance to win? Last years bracket would have been crazy and you can do the same kind of pool. The excitement and revenue it would generate it would be crazy.

Good job College Basketball for generating so much excitement and fun over a 3 week stretch for teams most people could care less about or maybe teams they love to root against.

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